domingo, 11 de mayo de 2008

The secret Identity

The city was France in 2008. I was on vacation to visit my family who I hadn’t seen in years. I was so happy to see every one again but, one day I wanted to explore more the city so I went to visit all the great places that my family had told me about. I was hungry of all that walking so I stopped at a five star restaurant. I was eating when the waitress told me that a man wanted to buy me a drink, I looked at the man and it was very nice so I said yes but, a few minutes later he went near my table and asked me if he could sit down, so I said “yes”, “My name is Ben” he said “I’m Kathy” “What a beautiful name” he said. So we talked for a very long time I was so happy that I didn’t realize that it was late and that tomorrow I had to go back to California to start working again. So I said “sorry I had a great time just talking here with you but, it’s very late and tomorrow I have to catch a flight” “No wait where are you going?” he asked me “I have to return to California to work again” I said, “Ok! I just wanted to tell you that I’ll remember every second that we spent together “he said.
He was very sweet and kind, he was the perfect man I couldn’t stop thinking about him. But, when I returned to California everything went back to normal. Until one day I was on my way to my car, when I saw him again I couldn’t believe it was him! So I went to say hi to him and he told me that he never stopped thinking about me and that he wanted to be a part of my life and I said that I didn’t know him that much to say the same thing. So he told me that sooner or later I would love him as much as he loved me but, I just laughed. The next day he went to my house and he gave me a ride to work, every day he brought me flowers and dinner, he was very sweet and handsome I couldn’t believe there was a man that perfect. The days passed and I was falling in love with him but, something always felt wrong and I couldn’t figure out what it was. Until one day we went to a lake near there it was so romantic until he said “I’m going back to France and I want you to come with me you don’t have to work anymore” I was very surprised. I didn’t know what to say but, I knew I had to say the truth so I said “These is so unexpected I know that I had known you for a long time and well you are very sweet, charming and handsome and all of other stuff too but, something doesn’t seem right to me so I think is better that you go back without me.” But suddenly his face changed completely “After all I’ve done just so you could love me back and you pay me like this” he said in a loud voice “I’m sorry I tried to love you but, something kept holding me back “I said “How could you do this to me I love you with all my heart and you broke it” “I’m going to kill you” he said very angry. I was so scared he was like another man, I didn’t recognize him at all, I didn’t know what to do. And suddenly he grabbed me and said “How could you do this to me, now you are going to pay for all you have done to me,” and he push me off the boat but, luckily I was a champion swimmer so I faked that I was drowning but, when I saw his boat near the shore I swam back. A few days later the police caught him and he was sentenced to death because, they had been looking for him for years because he had killed five women and three children, and he also sold cocaine. I was so glad I didn’t go to France with him that day, so after all that, I just want to tell you be careful with what kind of people you will meet today.

The End